• RGAA was born from the dream of a group of professionals that wanted to change the way the practice of law was seen and implemented. A place where the client would be the first priority, a good partner, and beneficiary of the work of the firm. Where our associates would be treated with respect. And with care for their personal goals. Where all those involved in the work can be benefitted. And each person’s individuality respected.

    From the moment of its creation, this dream has been constantly pursued. And in facing each obstacle, we seek to exceed expectations, to overcome the challenge in the best and most pragmatic way.

    Vision that strives through technical application. Quickly. And with the right kind of communication, a different way to way to handle the questions each client brings.

    The principal objective of our law practice is the relentless quest for excellence in legal services through the knowledge and years of experience of our professional team, combined with world class management standards 1 . We aim to serve with agility and efficiency. Bringing communication and information in the most transparent and objective manner to our clients.