• RGAA has in its client portfolio companies of substantial revenue that play a major role in the economy. Companies, that by virtue of their size and robustness have a need profile quite different from smaller firms, with more complex legal matters and requirement for more sophisticated and specialized services.

    In this segment, the numbers, scale, and sizes are different. And because of these differences, there is a need for a different focus.

    The resumes of our associates and those of our partner ((or: affiliate)) firms – many with in-house experience in large companies – give us a well illuminated perspective on the precise needs of large scale operations.

    The necessity of transactions and solutions, often structured and integrated, demands that our staff and associates be well qualified professionals, experienced in their respective areas of specialization. This is our focus and mission.

    A legal firm with customized solutions. Where each consultation is individualized. We work to develop a deep knowledge of our clients’ business, so that we can propose solutions with vision, and provide them efficiently, quickly, and pragmatically.
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