RGAA has wide experience in the real estate sector.

We carry out work in a full range of urban and rural real property contracts, from purchase, sales, incorporation, rental, mortgage, transfer of guarantee, sale-leaseback, build to suit, lease, and others.

We can provide comprehensive due diligence for real estate, auditing all documentation to attest to the legal integrity of each property, such as verification of chain of title, prior to close of any transaction. We also have experience with complex transactions requiring the participation of other areas of specialization – enabling the completion of structured arrangements with involvement of monies, securitization of receivables, formation of real property guarantees, issuance of CRIs, corporate transactions, and the use of real estate assets. We also work with real estate arbitration panels to solve disputes related to the matter.

Lastly, by virtue of the experience gained from our wide international client base, we can assist in acquisition of real property by foreigners, finding ways to make feasible transactions that achieve client goals while respecting limits imposed on foreign ownership by Brazilian law.