• Commitment to legal services for the middle market is written in the DNA of RGAA.

    The firm was born oriented to the need for services for a portfolio of clients fundamentally from this market segment.

    The middle market is one of engines of growth for national economies. The profile of such companies leverage the entire production chain, serving the needs of the large conglomerates in the market, generating an important number of workforce employment positions, collecting and paying a significant share of tax revenue to the state, and driving innovation and technology.

    It could be said that these are the companies that most need the services and guidance of RGAA.

    This is our work, carrying out all the support needed for the medium sized business.

    All our work areas are directed toward these services

    We accompany our clients as partners meeting their day-to- day needs. RGAA can take on the role of a complete external legal matters department for those companies, freeing resources so that they can invest in their core activities rather keeping an in-house legal department on payroll.

    Businesses exist to focus on their core value-adding activities – not to develop expertise in support functions and non-income- producing back office activities. This is the niche that RGAA occupies. Giving the right support so the business can focus on its business.

    Mergers and acquisitions
    Structured transactions
    Tax consulting and services
    Social security and collective bargaining consulting and services
    Litigation prevention

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