• The recent history of Rebelo Gloger Advogados Associados (RGAA) highlights the numerous years of experience of our associates, partners, and collaborators.

    From the beginning, RGAA faced challenges. We came to the conclusion that the market needed something innovative, pragmatic, transparent, and agile, while maintaining the diligence and technical knowledge that has always guided us.

    With this vision, Rebelo Gloger Advogados Associados (RGAA) came into existence in December 2005.

    Our history contains several curious facts that have contributed to what the firm is today. Our first office provisionally operated functioning for the first 9 months out of a garage space loaned by the family of one of the associates. Focus and determination brought the company to be able to establish a formal office by the end of 2006

    The firm reached break-even by 2007, just over two years, and in 2008 RGAA recorded 30% growth for its third consecutive year. By 2009, these achievements led to the acquisition of the remainder of the building on the Candido Hartmann Ave, the current location of RGAA.

    In 2010, RGAA made a commitment to take on a class-action litigation portfolio for a large client, which as a result brought profound changes in the operation. Restructuring occurring as direct consequence of this brought the firm to its current format. In 2014 RGAA began a planning effort to define its Vision looking forward 5 years (2015—2019) and its long-term structure. In 2015 we revised all of the management policies, as well as the goals and indicators, for the firm and its collaborators.

    Approaching the 10 year mark. A decade of work. Big changes, in a success story that has only just begun.

    Count on us so we can be part of your success story!